90mm Petri Dishes – Single Vent – Sterilin

90mm Petri Dishes – Single Vent – Sterilin
Brand: Sterilin
Product Code: APD100.40
Manufacturer Code: 101R20
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90mm Petri Dishes – Single Vent – Sterilin
  • Single Vented Petri Dishes limit gaseous exchange, minimises evaporation and dehydration. Ideally suited for long term work.
  • Used by microbiologists to culture micro-organisms on solid media.
  • Available aseptically manufactured under clean room conditions (class 7 ISO14644) to exclude microbiological contamination or terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • CE marked in accordance with European Directive 98/79/EC. 
  • In vitro use only. 
  • Produced and tested in accordance with the BS611 part 2 standard which includes stringent dimensional controls. 
  • Ideal for use in automatic plate pourers. 
  • Manufactured from virgin polystyrene. 
  • Mirror finished moulds ensure high optical clarity

Pack of 500

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