Pipetting Stands - Sartorius

When the pipette is not in use, it should be stored in an upright position in order to avoid contamination from desks and benches. Sartorius offers a selection of pipette stands for both mechanical and electronic pipettes.

  • Compact carousel stand is ideal for saving bench space and is compatible with all mechanical pipette models of Sartorius.
  • Linear Stand is designed for all Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes, particularly for mLINE®, Proline® Plus and Proline® mechanical devices. This stand is also compatible with a wide range of other pipette makes.
  • The electronic pipettes are recommended to be stored and charged on a charging stand, whenever they are not in use. In this way, the batteries always remain charged, when the work begins. Charging Stand is for storing and charging one electronic pipette, Picus or eLINE®.
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