0.2 - 2ml Seripettor ® Pro Each - Brand

0.2 - 2ml Seripettor ® Pro Each - Brand
Brand: Brand
Product Code: ABR-4720420
Manufacturer Code: 4720420
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Seripettor® and Seripettor® Pro are innovative bottle top dispensers from Brand with a special design. They provide a cost-effective alternative to high-end dispensers for routine laboratory use
These dispensers will serve in a wide variety of applications – when dispensing buffer solutions, culture media, vitamin solutions, acids, bases, saline solutions or many polar solvents
Each Seripettor® Pro bottle top dispenser is supplied with discharge tube, filling tube, spare dispensing cartridge, mounting tool and PP adapters (GL 45/32 and GL 45/S40)
Subdivision 0.04ml
Accuracy ≤ ± 1.2% 24µl
CV ≤ ± 0.2% 4µl

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