Quickfit® Glass Stirrer Gland - 19/26

Quickfit® Glass Stirrer Gland  - 19/26
Brand: Quickfit
Product Code: AQST20/2
Manufacturer Code: ST20/2
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Quickfit® Glass Stirrer Gland  - 19/26
  • Used for introducing stirrer paddles into Quickfit® flasks and vessels
  • Provides a vapour-tight seal between paddle and flask
  • Holds a vacuum down to 0.1 torr (13.3Pa)
  • Comprises parallel ground glass sleeve with cup to accept a suitable lubricant (see notes)
  • Supplied complete with screwcaps rubber rings and PTFE washers
  • Cone size: 19/26
  • Thread size: 13
  • To fit stirrer shaft: 6mm
  • Pack Quantity: 1


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