XDS-2 Optika Inverted biological microscope

XDS-2 Optika Inverted biological microscope
Brand: Optika
Product Code: EOPTXDS-2
Manufacturer Code: XDS-2
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XDS-2 is equipped with a full series of objectives to cover most standard applications. The translating stage is included as standard, and 10X and 20X objectives are too.

Every control is easy to reach, every component has been designed with ergonomics in mind. The focussing and specimen translation controls are designed to allow to rest the wrists on the table. The light intensity regulation is placed in close proximity to the focussing knobs. The specimen stage is fitted with a special glass insert, that permits the user to see the objectives, for immediate identification of the magnification setting. The head incorporates an extremely innovative design, that allows adjustment to compensate for operator height.

Plan-achromatic infinity corrected optics, bright 30W halogen illuminator, phase contrast sets, holders for specimen slides, flasks, Petri dishes, trinocular head for photo/video applications.
These are the features of XDS-2, a powerful, complete and innovative instrument, designed to set the standard for advanced routine microbiology.

XDS-2 is comfortable for the operator. The 22 mm extra-wide field is pleasant to use, and minimizes operator stress also the special eyepieces are designed for eyeglass wearers.

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