Trinocular Microscope, Planachromatic IOS, X-LED Illumination - Optika B-500Ti

Trinocular Microscope, Planachromatic IOS, X-LED Illumination - Optika B-500Ti
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Trinocular Microscope, Planachromatic IOS, X-LED Illumination - Optika B-500Ti

Optical System & Objectives
S-Plan and Plan 160mm Finity Corrected Objectives on Infinifix models. Plan Infinity corrected objectives on all IOS models

Microscope Stand
The modern stand design, with accessible and ergonomic controls, complements and enhances the instrument’s usability.

The wide 22mm field of view and the high-point eyepieces allow for hours of use without eye fatigue.

 The B-500 microscopes are equipped with two kinds of Illuminators (both with field diaphragm): high-efficiency dichroic  20W halogen illuminator (models with SEMI-PLAN objectives). Or our special X-LED illuminator (Models with PLAN objectives). Both systems permit light-intensive applications, such as phase contrast or darkfield, without the need of complex active cooling and keeping the electrical consumption at lowest levels.

Two kinds of swing-out condensers are available (depending on the models):

·         0.10/1.20 N.A. for better performances with high magnifications;

·         0.22/0.90 N.A. for better performances with low magnifications (pathology)

Specimen Stage
A generously sized double layer stage, suitable for two specimen slides, optimally completes the instrument.
175 x 145mm, X-Y range: 76 x 51mm

Optical System IOS
Head Trinocular 360° rotating 30° inclined
Eyepiece Wide Field 10 x / 22mm
Objectives Infinity Planachromatic 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil)
Nosepiece Quintuple Reversed
Stage 2-layer mechanical sliding stage, 175 x 145mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine control knobs
Condenser Swing-out 0.90 N.A., centrable
Illuminator Optika X-LED illuminator

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