Balance, Explorer, Precision, 420g X 0.001g - Ohaus EX423

Balance, Explorer, Precision, 420g X 0.001g - Ohaus EX423
Brand: Ohaus
Product Code: EXHSEX423
Manufacturer Code: EX423
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Balance, Explorer, Precision, 420g X 0.001g - Ohaus EX423

The all-new Explorer is the culmination of the very best thinking from the mind of OHAUS. It represents the perfect blend of our customers' input and our engineers' vision and has been created to deliver quality and dependability that simply has no equal.

Explorer delivers accurate results within seconds.
  • Fast stabilization time which mproves operational efficiency and Increases throughput also Improves productivity
  • Optimized linearity and repeatability specifications which provides accurate and repetitive results
  • Superior vibration filtering which provides balance stability in unstable environments
Application: Weighing (17 units + custom units), Parts Counting, % weighing,
Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Checkweighing, Filling, Totalization,
Formulation, Differential weighing, Density determination, Peak hold,
Ingredient costing, Pipette adjustment, Gross/Net/Tare Weighing
Balance Specifications
Capacity (g) 420
Readability (g) 0.001
Repeatability std (g) ±0.001
Linearity (g) ±0.002
Stabilization Time (sec) ≤1.5
Weighing Applications Weighing, Percent Weighing, Parts Counting, Check Weighing, Dynamic/Animal Weighing, Filling, Totalization, Formulation, Dierential Weighing, Density Determination, Peak Hold, Ingredient Costing, Pipette Adjustment, SQC
Weighing Units Gram, Milligram, Kilogram, Carat, Ounce, Ounce Troy, Pound, Pennyweight, Grain, Newton, Momme, Mesghal, Hong Kong Tael, Singapore Tael, Taiwan Tael, Tical, Tola, Baht, Custom Unit 1, Custom Unit 2, Custom Unit 3
Calibration All models feature external calibration.
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Power Requirements AC Adapter Input: 100-240 VAC, 0.6A, 50-60 Hz
Display Type Full-color VGA graphic display, 4-wire resistive touch screen
Communication Standard RS232, 2x USB, Optional 2nd RS232 or Ethernet
Pan Size Ø 130 mm / 5.12 in

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