10 Pre-cut PVDF 28 x28 cm 0.22 ?m

10 Pre-cut PVDF 28 x28 cm 0.22 ?m
Brand: Cleaver Scientific
Product Code: ECRCSL-PVDF0.22S
Manufacturer Code: CSL-PVDF0.22S
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10 Pre-cut PVDF 28 x28 cm 0.22 ?m. Used in Western Blotting of Proteins and for use in Hy-bridisation Tehcniques. PDVF with nitrocellulose and nylon membranes are available for different application needs. A protein’s properties (i.e., charge, hydrophobicity, etc.) affects its ability to bind to membrane surfaces. Finding the optimal membrane may require experimenting with your speci?c protein on different materials. We supply PVDF membrane in sheet form and as a 3M role which can be cut to size to ?t your particular need.

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