10x Bromophenol Blue Loading Dye, 10ml

10x Bromophenol Blue Loading Dye, 10ml
Brand: Cleaver Scientific
Product Code: ECRCSL-LOADDYE10
Manufacturer Code: CSL-LOADDYE10
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10x Bromophenol Blue Loading Dye, 10ml. DNA loading dye contains 10x bromophenol blue, the standard tracking dye for electrophoresis. The charge-to-mass ratio of bromophenol blue allows it to co-migrate with smaller molecules within agarose and PAGE gels (e.g. at 300bp in a standard 1% agarose, TBE gel) which, with its conspicuous dark blue colour, makes it the perfect tracking dye to monitor the progress of electrophoresis runs. DNA loading dye is supplied in 1ml volumes for easy handling.

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